The test proved that using leather performance is far better than the alternatives


British leather association, in recent years, leather alternatives to gain more attention in the media, claims to its performance is superior to the leather, and more friendly to the natural environment and consumers.

In order to understand these substitutes have the same performance, the leather really the leather association European leather industry group (COTANCE) will substitute for 10 kinds of leather samples were sent to located in freiburg independent institute of leather and synthetic materials (FILK) for testing. The material research institute of 10 kinds of the most commonly used leather substitute material properties were tested.

By the physical properties and chemical composition of leather replacement material testing, and comparing with leather performance, research institute experts found, alternative materials except in some appearance similar to leather, do not have the other properties of leather. Especially the hygroscopic and permeability is much less than leather, leather replacement material can replace leather performance.

Leather in the aspect of the service life is far better than the alternatives, this point in the durability test (e.g., bending rigidity and tear resistance).

In the test series, the experts also carefully examines the typical characteristics of leather, such as cracking strength, tear resistance, water vapor permeability and absorbent of water vapor.

In terms of the nature of leather all, not a substitute for the tested can truly be called the "substitute" of leather. Moreover, most of the alternatives to contain a chemical that is worrying.